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Sell A Home

We Can Sell Your Home in North Atlanta

Now, perhaps more than ever, it is very important to get top dollar when you sell your home. Cindy Shaft will work hard to SELL YOUR HOME, and not just list it and make he commission by relying on another real estate agent to sell your home. A critical factor in getting your desired asking price is to sell your home as quickly as possible. A home that is on the market for many months tends to sell for a reduced price. Cindy understands the importance in taking quick action to list and promote your home or property.

Cindy networks with other top performing real estate agents to get your home on the fast track to being sold. When your situaton allows for you to control the timing of selling your home, Cindy can consult with you to let you know about the peak home buying times, current buying trends in your area, and ways to make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Cindy is truly a  full service real estate agent!

Promoting Your Home

Promoting and advertising a home for sale, and being able to get a great selling price, requires a strategic approach – not simply placing a sign in your front yard. Before your home is ever listed, Cindy will work with you to evaluate your situation, market conditions, possible home touch-ups, and then develop a custom strategy to promote your home in an effective manner. Cindy will certainly use the customary tactics of MLS listings, yard signs, perhaps an Open House showing, and real estate agent networking but beyond that there are other ways to promote your home. Seemingly small touches can make a difference in how much traffic your home receives. Ideas such as tying brightly colored ballons to your mailbox post on weekends, and reminding you to cut your lawn on Fridays, or keep your lawn watered (lush and green!) in summer can make your home stand out and get noticed! Cindy has great ideas on how to promote a home and get traffic to your door.

Having Your Home Sell Fast

The bottom line to sell a home fast, especially in a buyer market, is to hire a smart realtor who will work diligently to find a qualified buyer. With over 20 years of real estate experience in the Atlanta market, not only does Cindy know how to find buyers but she also has a following of people she works with who call her when they want to buy a new home. Cindy will actively seek buyers for your home, and encourage other top realtors to direct qualified buyers to your home. Having a group of top real estate professionals working together is the secret to getting your home sold fast!

Helping You Find A New Home

If you are moving to another residence in the north metro Atlanta area, Cindy can help you to find a great home to buy, and handle every aspect of the purchase. Having one real estate agent handle the sale of your existing home and purchase of your new home can eliminate a lot of conflicts and coordination issues. Hiring Cindy to handle both transactions means that what she learns about you can better enable Cindy to find a new home that matches your tastes and particular needs in a new home.

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