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Investment Property

Investment property for sale in Cobb and Cherokee Counties in GeorgiaCindy Shaft works with clients to find excellent investment properties in north Atlanta, specifically in the counties of Cobb, Cherokee, Forsyth and North Fulton counties. The types of investment properties include rental homes, condos, mountain cabins, land for sale, and some light commercial properties.

If you have in mind a particular type of investment property, or defined budget range, Cindy is an ideal real estate agent to have working for you.

Condos and Townhomes

People tend to think of condominiums and townhomes as smaller houses without the drudgery of major maintenance such as yard work, yet with great amenities such as pools and tennis courts. Buying a condo or townhome as an investment can be a very good endeavor, and a viable opportuity for first-time home buyers to start here and later buy a single family home. Planning ahead to buy investment property can be a great way to effectively have someone else pay for your retirement home or vacation home. Buying a condo or townhome does require certain knowledge that is unlike what you would encounter when buying a single family dwelling. Cindy can help you to find a great condo or townhome, and make a smart buy by avoiding common pitfalls and sticky clauses in your purchase contract.

Rental Houses

Buying a rental property can be a good investment however there are a number of critical factors to know and consider when buying a rental property. There are vast differences in what to look for when buying a property which will be a first time rental property versus buying a property that has already in use as a rental property. Maintenance cost and projected repairs are among what you need to consider. Additionally, it is important to know the price trends for properties in an area, and have an understanding of the overall desireability of the area where you will buy and seek renters. Cindy can work with you to help you not just buy a rental property, buy to buy the right rental property.

Land and Vacation Rentals

As the metro Atlanta area continues to expand, there is a steady demand to purchase available land for both residential and commercial development projects. There is also a strong demand to acquire existing developed properties such as mountain cabins, lake homes and buy land in north Georgia. Cindy’s own knowledge, and through her network of associates, can guide you to some of the best deals in north Georgia for undeveloped land, mountain property, mountain cabins, lake homes, and vacation rental property. If you’re interested in this type of acquisiton, give Cindy a call to learn more.

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